Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baingan ka bharta

Ever since we had baingan ka bharta at Queen's on Church Street, we have wanted to try the recipe out. Did not do it all these days since we could not find the right baingan for it. At our last visit to the More megastore in Mahadevpura, we found the brinjal that we were looking for. Nice and big, it was perfect for bharta. Bought one, to experiment and see how it turns out.
I have never been much of a fan of brinjal, particularly because of the seeds. Luckily, the brinjal i got was nice and pulpy without too many seeds. The recipe needs you to apply oil all over the vegetable and then put it on the flame directly.
Requires a lot of patience since the flame needs to be low so as to not burn the brinjal. And also that it should be well cooked till the center. One way to ensure this is to make slits all over the surface and then roast it. Once done, you can see the peel coming off. Cool it and then remove the peel and mash it.

In a skillet, heat some ghee. Add cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste and onions. Fry until golden brown. Add to this some turmeric, dhania and chilli powder. Now add one chopped tomato and cook until it is done. Now add the mashed brinjal to it and some water if the consistency needs to be adjusted. Add salt to taste. Top it off with some garam masala, a dash of lime juice and chopped coriander leaves.

Our dinner for today:
Chapathis with Baingan Bharta and Methi dal

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