Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lassi time!

There is a jaatre that happens in Puttur every year. It goes on for ten days in the month of April. You should visit the place to savor a slice of culture, heritage and religion. The added attraction this year was the 70 ft tall Brahma-ratha that was presented to the temple by the very famous Muthappa Rai.
And as it is in all fairs, this one too is a place from where you can get back stuff for your home, especially the kitchen. Jyothi got back a chapathi rolling pin and plate from the fair. But my favorite is the manual blender that she bought during her visit. Perfect for the summer, now lassi is just a few turns of the blender away!
Price: Rs 80. Easy to use, easy to clean :).

P.S. Did you know that in Punjab, Lassi is made in washing machines?!


  1. Hi Greeshma,

    I didn't know that you are writing such a blog! It's so nice and helpful. I am sure it will help me because i have started my venture in the kitchen room recently. Will visit again :)

  2. Thanks Sudhesh,
    we would like to hear about your experiments as well! :)