Saturday, March 5, 2011

Strawberry Oats Cake

A lazy weekday. A holiday on account of Shivaratri. Nothing much to do. We decided that it was time to put our oven to use. Fresh from a repair, it was crying to be used for some baking.
Did not have to look far for a recipe. Mahanandi had featured a Strawberry-Oats cake a while ago. Off we went to the neighboring supermarket. Stocked up on the ingredients. Cut the quantity of the ingredients from the original recipe to half. Replaced peanut oil with refined oil and set out to mix out first cake batter.
And well, like all first times, we were clumsy, unsure at times and messy. But we took the plunge, put the cake in at 180 degrees and prayed to God that it should turn out good. The cake plate got wiped clean. You can guess how it turned out! :) Thanks Indira for the recipe!


  1. just one thing, nice photography :P
    but some product is also shown, hope u could eat it :) :P

  2. Sooooooooooo beautiful :) :) Very tempting and cute clicks :) Do visit my blog drop any comments and awaiting to hear from u.. Happy to follow you .Do follow me back dear :)

    Happy that we are members in baking partners :)

  3. Thanks Achu! Happy Baking to you!