Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick dinner: Veggie rolls

On a day when we had the basic vegetables- potato, carrot and capsicum and were out of options and patience to make dinner, we decided to try making rolls. Chapathis are anyway prepared for dinner everyday. So it was just a matter of fixing something for the filling.


Dice the carrots and potatoes into cubes and pressure cook them until they are just about done and not very soft. Chop the capsicum well. Heat oil in a pan. Throw in some mustard and jeera. Wait until you hear the chata-pata sound. Add a bunch of chopped methi leaves if available. Add the capsicum to this and fry well. Once it is fried, add in the cooked vegetables. Season with salt and coarsely ground pepper-jeera.

You can apply some chutney on the chapathi- mint/ tamarind. Or tomato ketchup bhi chalega. Place this filling in it. Roll up the chapathi. Chitke le ready! MakLu gu ishta aagatte. Try maaDi. Namigu heLi, heng aaithu anta :P


  1. Haha! Maklugu ista agata??? Very good! Jeera mathe mustard enne kadh mele yak hakbeku? ;) ;)

  2. HU. Col color ide alla. So kids will surely like it. :)
    And if you add it before the oil becomes hot, chata-pata sound won't come easily!

  3. Me thinks it is highly inadvisable to read this blog when you are hungry.

  4. If you are so hungry take (color) print out and eat! ;-). I am sure it'll be tasty!

  5. @Jyothi,
    You don't think I already did that? (Tasted a bit like ink, to be honest)

    Jokes apart, fantastic blog. Must visit your house one day before your next blog update. :P